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udemy free courses coupon 28/7/2020 | coupon free courses

udemy free courses coupon 28/7/2020 | coupon free courses

Applied Machine Learning in R

Statistics with R - Intermediate Level

Statistics with R - Advanced Level

Python for Beginners - Basics to Advanced

Docker Course for Beginners

Modern JavaScript for React JS - ES6

Decision Making: Improve Team and Meeting Productivity!

Salary Negotiation - How to Ask for and Receive a Pay Raise

Unity Game Development for beginners

Basic & Essential Excel Formulas And Functions Course 2020

HTML5 - Basics to Advanced

Step by Step Guide for Javascript - Basics to Advanced

CSS - Basics to Advanced

An Advanced JQuery Practical Course

COVID19 Protect Me: Device Warns You if Your Hand near Face

Procurement Planning (PMI - PMP)

Analytical Techniques for Business Analysis (IIBA - ECBA)

Learn Photoshop From Scratch Practically

HTML and HTML5 for Absolute Beginners to Advanced Level - arabic

Basic CSS for Absolute Beginners to Advanced Level - arabic

Projects Cost Management, Estimating, Budgeting and Control.

PMP Review Course 6 Editions

Business Analysis Certification Program - The Tools

Identifying Risk (PMBOK6 Aligned)

Monitor Project Communications (PMI - PMP)

A Beginner's Guide to Android App Development

Master English Language: Intensive Spoken English Course

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